You can now register for the Immuno Valley Annual Conference 2017 to ensure your participation in this event with excellent networking opportunities.

Register by sending an email to

Please add the following information:

  • Title, first name and last name
  • Organisation
  • E-mail address

A list of attendees will be handed out to all participants of the event.

Participation fee

The Immuno Valley conference is free of charge for Immuno Valley network partners who sign up before 23 May 2017. From 23 May, due to the organisation cost, the registration fee will be €40,- (excl. VAT). 

There is a "No-Show" fee of 40 Euros (excl. VAT) for registered attendees who do not show up at the event and who have not sent an email before 26 May 2017.

For participants who are not an Immuno Valley Network partner the registration fee is 75 Euros (excl. VAT), from 23 May 2017 the registration fee will be 115 Euros (excl. VAT).

You will receive an invoice, please provide any details you need to have included (reference) in your registration email.