Pitch Session

Immuno Valley network partners will present a pitch during the Immuno Valley Annual Conference. A variety of subjects in infectious disease prevention in humans and animals will be presented.

  • Oréda Boussadia, EpiVax, “Swine Influenza Epitope Validation”
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  • Anja ten Brinke, Sanquin, “Sanquin’s immunomonitoring technology”

  • Pieter Brouwer, Pulike Biological Engineering, “R&D at Pulike Biological Engineering”

  • Martin van Eijk, Utrecht University, “Novel therapeutic antimicrobial peptides to treat bacterial infections in patients with cystic fibrosis”

  • Sacha van Hijum, NIZO, "Microbiome and causality: the relation between ichthyosis vulgaris, host genotype and skin microbiota"

  • Frank Schuren, TNO, “Microbiome in health and disease”

  • Bruno Speder, SGS Life Science, “SGS Life Science services in challenge studies”
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  • Stefan Vaessen, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, “Two-dimensional cultured intestinal stem-cell derived organoids as a model for intestinal permeability and transport”
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Find all pitches in the conference program (pdf).