Infectious and inflammatory diseases are two of today's greatest medical challenges. While great achievements have been made in combatting these diseases over the past century, worldwide humans and animals are increasingly affected. This calls for new effective solutions!

By building partnerships between public and private partners we strive to boost R&D programs developing new diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics. At the Immuno Valley Annual Conference 2018 the latest scientific breakthroughs are presented, including innovative technologies and promising new products.

Bringing together innovators in science, technology and business.

Looking forward to meeting you too!

Immuno Valley will celebrate its 10th Anniversary of connecting international business and academia in human and animal health research.

Keynote lectures and presentations, followed by interactive intermezzos will let you explore the latest developments and promising future perspectives in diagnostics, prevention, and treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases in humans and animals. By means of partnering and networking activities, we aim to facilitate in establishing new valuable connections.


"Dear reader, the registration for the Immuno Valley Annual Conference 2018 is closed, however in case you are very eager to join us at this challenging event, realize you are still welcome! Please do not hesitate and send an email to Ellen de Waal, interim communication manager:".