The Immuno Valley Annual Conference is the annual network event for Immuno Valley network partners and other interested parties who work in the field of human and animal health. This year's event was held on Thursday 7 April 2016 at the Muntgebouw in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Immuno Valley Pitch Award 2016 goes to Annie de Groot from EpiVax

Annie de Groot MD, CEO of EpiVax, said: “I am thrilled to accept the Immuno Valley award for our FastVax program. FastVax promises to bring more efficient, and potentially safer vaccines to the market. We have FastVax ImmuneEngineered©  H7N9 flu vaccine entering Phase I trials in 2016, and hope to be in the clinic for personalized cancer vaccines with a partner in the Netherlands by 2017 or 2018. We look forward to closer collaborations with Immuno Valley members.”

This year’s award is ‘A year in the spotlight from Immuno Valley’, which includes interviews and regular updates from both Annie and her team at EpiVax. The Immuno Valley team congratulates Annie de Groot with her Award and thanks all participants for an excellent conference.

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