Scientific solutions to business questions

AtoB day® is a matchmaking event that Immuno Valley organised for the first time in April-June 2014 to facilitate matches between academia and business partners through a question-driven approach. This concept has proven to connect business and science partners who are looking to collaborate. 

Immuno Valley has initiated AtoB day® to accelerate R&D processes of companies that operate at the interface of human and animal health, leading to the development of novel technologies, new vaccines, immuno-modulatory products, and novel therapies. Immuno Valley is a network organization and service office specialized in matching business and science and building and supporting business partnerships.The Immuno Valley team can set up a tailor-made event like AtoB day® for you.

Background AtoB day®

AtoB day® is based on a proven concept for matching science and business which was originally designed by Uppsala University. AtoB day® can be organized around a single issue or multiple topics, featuring multidisciplinary expert teams. The unique format one question, one hour, one team of experts has proven to be successful in making useful contacts, starting new collaborations, and developing new paths to find solutions to business questions.

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